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Here's what just a few of my satisfied customers have to say.

" Ive been using Steve Crisp exclusively for my guitar repairs for over 10 years. He always delivers with prompt professional service that I can count on."

Mighty Mike Schermer

"Steve Crisp is my favorite guitar repair and set up guy. He is a badass guitar picker too and a master craftsman with the know-how, skills and the mojo to make my guitars play great and work the way I like them to.

Guys like him are not that easy to find. We're lucky to have him in Santa Cruz and I'm proud to call him a friend."

Jim Lewin

"I've known Steve Crisp aka Crispy for over 12 years. In that time, Steve has done virtually all of my guitar repairs and custom assembly work. Not only is Steve a highly skilled craftsman, he's a freak about tone who knows all the cool wiring tricks and "Texas tone" secrets. He is also patient with clients like myself who are always tweaking and trying new

things. Steve is a great guy and a world class guitar technician who "gets it" and always "makes it work."

Bill Walker

"Steve is a total pro and understands what it is you are asking of him... and delivers."

Alan Heit

"Finally a world-class guitar shop in Santa Cruz. Steve is a down to earth guy and a guitar player himself. He's enthusiastic about his trade and seems to have a solution for every challenging guitar or bass repair."

Claudio Melega

"Steve Crisp is the real deal, the best there is and I'm very picky to say the least."

Danny Click

"Steve has built two partscasters for me and done numerous set-ups as well as bringing my '67 Tele to a whole new level. He's the only tech I trust completely. Steve really knows wood and electronics and how to make all the parts function together to produce great TONE."

Dan Vineyard

"Thank you Steve for making a poor classical guitar into a professional

classical guitar. I've played it exclusively at five gigs in the last two weeks since I got it back from you and it still blows me away how great it came out."

Ken Constable

" I have now had the pleasure of having two of my prized guitars worked on by luthier/ repairman, Steve Crisp, here in Santa Cruz. I've worked with a lot of talented people in my 35+ years of playing and I have to say

that Steve is among, if not THE best, of any who have touched or built one of my guitars. I rate Steve 6 out of 5 stars and strongly encourage anyone in the South Bay or Monterey Bay area to check him out when they need some work done.

Mike Roberto

As a guitar player for many years and owner of several fine instruments, finding a professional guitar tech that understands the subtleties and nuances of what makes an instrument play and sound it's best, is something I greatly value. There are many luthiers and repair resources in the Santa Cruz area, but I dare say that Steve Crisp is a master of his craft. He's perfomed miracles with each and every one of my guitars. I have recommended him to all of my musical collegues. Many have also become fans and loyal clients of The Guitar Shop.

Jeff Lionz

Just a quick note to say that the Ibanez 7 String Jazz Box is really awesome now. I'm not sure how to express it in words how wonderful and responsive it feels. The action is effortless and the intonation is finally perfect. After fighting this guitar for quite some time with other attempts to make it right, you nailed it. This is how it's supposed to be. Unreal!

Brian Fitzgerald@ Kuumbwa Jazz Center

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